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Our Vision: End Transport Disadvantage in Western NSW

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Our Vision

Current public transport options in Dubbo and Western NSW are insufficient for getting residents to essential services such as employment, education, healthcare and important appointments. This is known as transport poverty or disadvantage.


Wilba’s goal is to make affordable and reliable transportation accessible to everyone in Dubbo so that we can get to our desired destination on time. 

Our Story

After living and working for over 15 years in regional NSW and other remote communities as a lawyer, human rights policy/project officer, and youth worker, Tsukasa identified the lack of decent public transportation as a barrier to people’s independence, advancement and development in disadvantaged communities. She has spent the past two years working with local communities in Dubbo NSW to understand the transportation needs of the community, and developed Wilba as a way to meet those needs in the most cost effective way.

What is Wilba?

Wilba is an in-between of a bus and a taxi.

It is more flexible than a bus because it is on-demand,

and it is cheaper than a taxi because it is shared. 

“Awesome as always and the best service around. Thank you Tsukasa.”

James D.

17 June 2022