How does it work?

Wilba is a shared minibus service that is cheaper than a bus and gives you the flexibility of a taxi. 

Follow these steps to book your ride, or if you see a bus heading in your desired direction, jump on board and book directly with the driver.

See an existing service that works for you? Add yourself as a passenger and secure a seat. You can add stops on the way if you want to jump on or off somewhere more convenient.

Can’t see a service that goes your way? Book a new service! Minimum passengers apply to keep costs low. If you are less than this, you can either book the minimum number of passengers for yourself to secure the booking (we will refund you in store credit if you end up sharing), or please get in touch and we will try to find other people heading the same direction. 

Haven’t booked but see a Wilba heading in your desired direction? Hail it down and jump on board. You can book and pay directly with the friendly driver.

Need a ride but is all this too confusing? Please feel free to email/text/call us at or 0493 252 207. We would love your feedback! 

Payment methods

Wilba offers extreme flexibility with payments.

  • You can pay online using the book a ride link or jump on board links. 
  • For large bookings we can send you an invoice.
  • You can pay over the phone or in person using your credit card.
  • You can also pay with a credit card or cash on board

If you are a parent/carer or organisation needing to purchase rides for someone else, you can also buy Wilba bus credits (also known as coupons). 

Purchase Wilba bus credits

You can buy Wilba bus credits using your email address here. There are no voucher codes, you just use your email address to use your credits next time you book.

View your Wilba bus credits

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